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photo of Taliesin

The most personal look at Wright and his work can be found by visiting Spring Green where Wright began building his home, Taliesin®, a Welsh term meaning "Shining Brow," in 1911. This 600-acre estate, which he constantly revised until his death in 1959, represents the evolution of Wright's architectural development which spanned over seventy years...

Wright was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin, in 1867. He spent his youth in Madison, where he attended the University of Wisconsin. It was in Spring Green, Wisconsin where he chose to make his home for most of his life.

photo of Wright in Studio The term Taliesin refers to Wright's personal residence as well as the other buildings of Wright's design on the estate. The landscaped grounds, roads, and ponds are also a part of Wright's overall architectural composition. The major buildings on the Taliesin® estate include: Romeo and Juliet Windmill (1896), Hillside Home School (1901, 1932, 1952), Tan-y-deri House (1907), Midway Farms (1930s and 1940s), as well as the Taliesin® residence itself (1911, 1914, 1925).

Experience the beauty of the countryside that inspired Wright's architectural philosophy. Select from many distinctive tours which are offered including Taliesin®, the Hillside Studio and Theater, as well as specialty and walking tours that include views of Tan-y-deri House, Midway Farm, the Romeo and Juliet Windmill, and the beautiful Taliesin® dam and waterfall.


  • All tours begin at the FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT® VISITOR CENTER, adjacent to Taliesin®, along the beautiful Wisconsin River. 
  • Tours are $16 - $80
  • Guided interior and exterior tours run daily May 1 - October 31, from 9:00am - 5:30 pm
  • Exterior shuttle tours available weekends April and November.


  • 5607 County Highway C, Spring Green, Wisconsin 53588

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